Review Quiz - Using Windows Vista & Microsoft Office 2007 - IC³ 2005 Standard

The quizzes are designed as a paper-based system wherein the completed quiz can be marked by the instructor or in class as part of a review of topics and skills. There are ten questions per lesson. These quizzes contain true/false or multiple choice type questions. An answer key is available for you to use as reference. The questions provided in the quizzes were developed based on our writer’s experience in taking the exams for the IC³ 2005 certification in combination with assessing the comprehension of the topic or skill discussed in the books and ability to complete a required task. There is a corresponding Answer Key for each of the quizzes provided. You will need to navigate to the Answer Keys folder to print or display the appropriate file. Using the review questions at the end of each lesson and these quizzes should prepare the student to take the self-study exams provided by Certiport. On successful completion of the Certiport self-study exams, the student should then be able to write the exams for IC³ certification.