xCARs: New ways of owning and using cars in the 21st century

xCARs: A "crowd thought experiment" open to anyone here who may wish to jump in with their ideas. criticism and/or proposals -- or perhaps only to pull up a chair and see what happens in a case like this. Basically the idea here is to take a very wide range of the "future car in cities" issues apart and then see if and how we might put together a number of the pieces to come up with a useful view (or views) of the ten year future before the "modern motor car". Starting from the rich base provided by the World Carshare Consortium, which for almost 15 years now has been focusing its attention on the varieties of carsharing that are fast multiplying and taking an increasingly important role in the mobility options of people in cities around the world - as you can abundantly see at http://worldstreets.wordpress.com/category/xcars/, http//worldcarshare.com + http://www.facebook.com/groups/worldcarshare/ + http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WorldCarShare, we would now like to broaden the focus to consider what may be the future of the car in the city, starting from the base of new ways of owning and using cars in this still new century. Carsharing has a brilliant, in many ways surprising and certainly very different future, which in fact is already well in process and will be abundantly followed here. But there is more to our story than that. You are invited to follow progress here and via http://xcar.org./ Of better yet, to be a part of it.