Subramaniam v. D. Andrew Beal et al: Oregon

Subramaniam v. D. Andrew Beal et al, Cae #: 3:12 – CV – 1681; United States District Court District of Oregon Portland Division Subramaniam v. D. Andrew Beal, JP Morgan Chase, MGC Mortgage, LNV Corporation, Northwest Trustee Services, et al is a pro-se case in the Ninth Federal Circuit involving banking and finance fraud stemming from multiple attempts to foreclose based on a false claim of consumer default. The case involves "fraud in the factum" at mortgage origination, fraud in mortgage securitization, fraud in mortgage servicing and foreclosure fraud. Daniel Andrew "Andy" Beal in a billionaire from Plano, Texas who is the sole owner of Beal Bank and Beal Financial, as well as thousands of sham companies he creates primarily for tax evasion purposes. He has sued the IRS for not allowing his fraudulent tax shelters in two cases Southgate and Bemont - included in this collection. These cases show Beal's propensity to create "sham" companies (two U.S. Justices found D. Andrew Beal in fact does this) to meet his objectives. Tax evasion is not Beal's only objective; he creates sham companies to fraudulently foreclose on homes throughout the country. Beal is also a staunch supporter of online gambling (illegal in the U.S.) He is renown as a gambler who is reported to have lost at least $16 Million in a single high stakes poker game. Andy Beal also has connections to members of two Russian crime families recently indicted by the FBI for illegal gambling and money laundering. He has been stopped in Russia with his Florida licensed Lamborghini and on many other occasions related to poker games. A group of victims of Beal's foreclosure fraud scheme uncovered a Bank of America wire account that uses Dovenmuehle Mortgage Inc. as a domestic go-between fro laundering money overseas. The FBI discovered similar accounts set up for purposes of money laundering to support illegal gambling in their indictment of the above mentioned Russian mobsters. You will find documents supporting these claims in this collection.