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PredPol, Predictive Policing

PredPol, Inc. is a tech startup from Santa Cruz, California that claims to have developed an algorithm and mapping software that predicts when and where future crimes are likely to happen. PredPol is backed by Silicon Valley venture capitalists, and run by Democratic Party-linked lobbyists. PredPol has already sold its software service to cities in the US and UK including Seattle, Washington, Richmond and Santa Cruz, California, and Kent, England. The origins of PredPol's proprietary algorithm are in military research exploring "dynamic models of insurgent activity," and "models of civilian deaths in Iraq." PredPol has aggressively marketed its products by writing clauses into its contracts with cities that require their police officers and elected officials participate in marketing efforts on behalf of the company. For the full story see BondGraham & Winston, "All Tomorrow's Crimes: The Future of Policing Looks a Lot Like Good Branding,"