Created by Virendra Agarwal

Satyarth Prakash in 23 languages

Satyarth Prakash was authored by Swami Dayanand Saraswati; published first in 1875 and then again in 1883 (posthumously) after being thoroughly edited by the author. This book was revolutionary in many respects, the most important ones being for hindu reforms and for Indian independence. The books was read through the length and breadth of India... and then also translated by independent intellectuals. More than 50+ translations in 23 languages (indian and foreign) of this book has been done. Interestingly, few of these have been translated by Arya Samaj or any other institution. A fairly complete list of all such translations is compiled and attached in this collection under the file name - "Bhavanilal Bhartiya" in the name of the honorable compiler. This collection contains 24 translations in 23 languages (2 for English), 1 Hindi book published in 1899 (edited by Arya Vidvaans, who happened to hear Swamiji) and 1 Hindi book of 1983 (the century edition, thoroughly corrected for printing mistakes). Lastly, I thank people who have contributed books from all over India (acknowledgement file attached). Regards, Virendra Agarwal,,