Institute for Minority Physicians of the Future (IMPF) Collection

Institute for Minority Physicians of the Future (IMPF) Collection Mission Statement IMPF is a collective voice of African American, Native American, Hispanic American and progressive European American physicians and medical scientists. IMPF believes that the root cause of minority under-representation in United States medical schools is academic disadvantage borne by lack of access to high-quality high school and college preparation. Consequently, IMPF mission is to become a leading organizational force for parity in medical education by helping minority students develop the skills that will enable them to compete on a more equal footing in the medical school admission process, and once in medical school, provide them with learning aids from the best medical education communities around the world. The Institute for Minority Physicians of the Future elucidates, distills and fuses educational psychology, information technology and undergraduate medical education data; and then develops programs, projects and products that serve to increase recruitment, admission and retention (RAR) of Under-represented in Medicine (URM) in major United States medical schools. The ultimate goal being for these students to defend, define and develop medical careers that will be committed to the elimination of health disparities in racial/ethnic minorities and the poor. Website