Marketing Planning

At the core of successful marketing is effective planning. Though it may sound as a truism, the increasing rate of product failures and customer churn is an unfortunate reality faced by organisations nowadays. This presentation course contends that effective marketing planning can drive top-line and bottom-line growth if the firm can develop (or leverage its current) the capabilities to find, understand, satisfy, keep and nurture the customer better than the competition. This collection is the presentation version of my highly engaging, interactive and problem-based sessions with graduate marketing students. Each lesson is packaged in a beautiful-and-simple-to-understand style, free from clutter. Every lesson is supported with carefully selected exercises, current thoughts and examples from industries. Students who are studying Marketing Planning on BTEC's HND in Business would find this presentation pack highly useful. Similarly, this presentation pack is a time-saver for lecturers or tutors on BTEC HND Business programme. It helps you to focus more on the delivery of learning than content preparation.