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Author: Prof. Filippo Bartoccioni

Filippo Bartoccioni is a professor in Health Technology Assessment and an internationally recognized expert in Clinical Governance and Public Health. He is collaborating not only in European countries but also in Central Asia and Africa. He is the Author of the Pocket Manual Terapia, an Evidence Based medical Book that is a formal text book in most of the Italian Medical Universities. This book is updated and published yearly and it is now at the 37 edition To see the book he wrote on this subject please click here ( He often participates in United Nations missions such as  in Libya during the war, where he was in a multidisciplinary team with English DFID for a Need Assessment mission  in Uzbekistan with the local ministry of health and the UNDP to implement an accountable way to select the single used devices for HIV prevention following the WHO guidelines (Publication available only on Russian version) The latest working activities on Hospital Management are at national level are:  at the San Camillo Forlanini Hospital (the biggest hospital in Italy) where he works on Education, Clinical Governance and Health Technology Assessment. His main focus are on supporting decision making and improving quality through Clinical Pathways creation, Health Technology Assessment reporting, Clinical Governance activity, Risk Management and Strategic Planning.  Through the LUISS University he was participating in the Clinical pathways creation project at the Brotzu Hospital in Cagliari and at international level are:  At the Kazak National University in Almaty as visiting professor he was coaching the new management of the university policlinic (UNIclinic). He was supporting all the clinical and administrative management staff . The result was a dramatic increase of productivity, accountability, quality of service and economical revenue. At the end of the coaching period a vision document was written in Russian and in English that was then approved by the scientific council. (  At the Kazak National University in Almaty after the success on the launch of the UNIclinic Hospital the University asked him to prepare a strategic plan to interconnect functionally the four university hospitals in an interoperable network. The result was the creation of a Roadmap called Intergraded University Hospital Network approved by the scientific council. ( The latest working activities on Public Health are at the International Level where the title of Honorary Professor was obtained. The following topics are the main teaching subjects at the national and international level:  Clinical Governance  Health Technology Assessment (HTA)  Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA)  Health Need Assessment (HNA)  Evidence Based Medicine  Health Demand and Supply Planning  Social Network Analysis  Health Economics  Healthcare Facility Management  Healthcare Network building and management  Health System Performance Analyzer  Health Management  Statistical Times Series Analysis and Forecasting Educational activities through master teaching activity or stagers coordination are mainly with universities:  National Collaboration o Health Economic Sacred Heart Catholic University, Rome o Biomedical Engineering Sapienza University, Rome o Gestional Engineering Sapienza University, Rome o Social Science Sapienza University, Rome o Economic LUISS University, Rome o ASL D General Practitioner Post Graduate Specialization Course, Rome  International Collaboration are, at the moment, mainly with o Kazakhstan  Kazazakh National Univerisity,  Post Graduate Institute of Almaty and  Uniclinic Hospital o Uzbekistan  Post graduate institute of the ministry of health o Spain  Graduate School of Management Link to see all published books Some international congress presentation at the following links: