Created by BobLevin

Whistleblower Patriots

Leading from the bottom, whistleblowers patriots, truth tellers, and the peacemakers are standing for the human beings against the foreign and domestic enemies of the United States and its residents; i.e., the corporatists and their congressional capos who overthrew our nation's government during the surrounding events of the false flag operation on 911. We the People oppose the corporatist agenda, that is to process the total aggregate of the world into a commodity. Within the framework of lawful restorative revolution for a genuine democracy, we oppose the global destabilization of world nations by the CIA. We seek to neutralize perpetual endless wars for profit via the tactics, techniques and technologies of systematic systemic genocide for negative eugenics under the four erosive principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm, from which we recognize, "No Touch" Invisible Physical Torture that is lethal while leaving no marks. We are opposed to the warrantless domestic and international blanketed spying of citizens and recognize that anything that is unconstitutional is inherently illegal. Lastly, we recognize that ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations have continued long after the official end of the program.