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Labour History Project

Newsletters/Bulletins of the Labour History Project Inc. (New Zealand), dating from October 2008 to the present. What is the Labour History Project? In 1987 the Trade Union History Project (TUHP) was formed by historians, trade unionists and political activists to help document New Zealand labour history. Initially established with state funding, since 1991 the organisation has relied upon volunteer resources, donations and occasional publishing grants. In 2008 the TUHP changed its name to the Labour History Project (LHP) to better reflect the range of member interests. The LHP is an energetic and independent organisation. It has over 150 individual and institutional members, and maintains links with affiliated organisations such as the Auckland Labour History Group, trade unions, libraries, museums, academics and counterpart groups overseas. It is the only national organisation dedicated to fostering New Zealand labour history, and cultivating this important part of our collective memory. The Labour History Project has no affiliation with the New Zealand Labour Party or any other political party. For more information on this New Zealand organisation, see