Created by C.C. Saint-Clair

Spirituality-we create our Karma: All matters of the Heart and Soul

Key Strengths of this collection: Each article reflects a solid understanding of genuine spirituality, one that is devoid of artifices, rituals, prayers/mantras - one that is free of any emotional dependence on the 'guru' - which, often, packaged together, pass for true spirituality. I have spent the last eight years actively doing my best, daily, to rethink my thinking in regards to: 1. the origin of conflicts big and small in one's life 2. the utmost importance of controlling emotional responses to 'buttons being pushed ... too far' 3. karma as a neutral catalyst 4. understanding the purpose of reincarnation 5. understanding that what others trigger in us is the reflection of what we harbor within - our strengths, sometimes, but more often our weaknesses. These reflect our surface interest in the circumstances of others, our short-temper, our Me-first reflexes, our insecurities and our driving urge to be LOVED. As the old saying goes, like attracts like and it is our 'energy' that attracts such encounters From post to pillar, it is not by acting the part, but by truly being the Knight of Hearts that we can, over time, experience personal growth Easy does it - one bit of fresh awareness at a time - one moment at a time - one moment of active practice at a time. Spirituality-we create our Karma: All matters of the Heart and Soul ---- Truth: I am not selling anything, as nothing of a true spiritual nature need be bought, not even a book, in these days when internet publishing guarantees free access to all.