Neva AG Cosmetic

Neva is the leading producer of cosmetic products in Croatia. Neva produces toothpastes, skin care products, lip balms, men's cosmetics, repellents, antiseptic wipes, etc. NEVA was founded in 1918 in Zagreb, Croatia as a small pharmaceutical laboratory called RAVE. In 1947, RAVE merged with the Croatian affiliate of Beirsdorf AG (BDF) into a new company called NEVA. At that time, NEVA started licensed production of BDF’s wide portfolio of products. Furthermore, the production of products from well-known companies like L’Oreal, Odol, Helena Winterstein, Sara Lee, Woltz, Mäurer & Wirtz etc. is a significant part of NEVA’s history. In 1978 PLIVA, the largest pharmaceutical company in the region, acquired NEVA. Therefore, NEVA’s products benefited from implementation of pharmaceutical procedures for the next 25 years. In 2003, NEVA became a part of ATLANTIC GRUPA, one of the largest and fast growing business system in Croatia and abroad in SEE region. This change enabled NEVA entry into new markets and provided a possibility for further growth.