Created by Doug Grandt

No Repeat of Kent State Massacre

Farmers and ranchers and cowboys and indians and people of all persuasions will respond to Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama when the decision to approve or deny the construction permit of the Keystone XL pipeline is announced. I hope we will respond with THANK YOU for DENYING the PIPELINE, but I suspect the announcement will not be that simple. If the pipeline is approved, or if the announcement includes half measures that expand the carbon fuel infrastructure at a time when we need to scale it back and replace carbon fuels with renewables, there could be a groundswell of opposition to the President and Secretary of State. I have sent dozens of letters forewarning them, and admonishing them to take steps to let there be no over reaction by authorities that end in violence and death. LET THER BE NO REPEAT of the KENT STATE MASSACRE.