Created by Kevin S. Hansen

William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, and other Space-Time Travelers

Throughout human history as some humans know it, there have been people who have mastered the ability to travel at will; beyond the boundaries of their physical bodies, beyond borders between nations, oceans, land, air, and fire, extending into infinite space, indeed, transcending the forces of both gravity and time. We cannot ascertain the date (nor does it matter, truth be told), when the first Shaman managed the astral trip, or whether he ventured into the past or the future. But the technologies for achieving such an amazing capability have existed on this planet long before the human species arrived. It has been left to us to puzzle it out. The very small collection of documents I've started collecting here consist for the most part of documents from two of my favorite "boundary busting," heroic, prolific, artist-writer-adventurers and miners of the heights and depths of the infinite, all-pervading energy that surrounds, permeates, compels, inspires, destroys, creates, and is above all, entirely impartial to All That Is, because, indeed, how could anything, even though infinite, (or, especially because it IS infinite and pervades all) BE partial to any "other?" Just take a peek at any Burroughs book from "Naked Lunch" on, and you will see just how very many current events and circumstances he described in excruciatingly acerbic detail. Brion Gysin's "Dream Machine," the "Cut-Up" method he invented, his collaborations with Burroughs,, and his entire body of art and esoteric work continue to inspire transcendent outlaw artists today. [Thesis+Antithesis+Synthesis... At the apex of this triangle, begin with the Synthesis, extend outward with a new Thesis+Antithesis to form a new, but "upside-down" triangle. This will form the base of your next level, which has no upper limit.....]-kevin7son