Media Times

Starting with this first edition of Media Times, the Center for Media Freedom & Responsibility (CMFR) will release the findings of its journalism review on media and press performance as a special annual report. Formerly released as the bimonthly PJR Reports, journalism review continues to serve as a forum on the press and issues affecting journalism, engaging not only members of the press but also the larger community of stakeholders, government and business, the academe, and civil society. Designed as a special yearend volume, it will continue to promote responsible journalism by conducting media monitoring, encouraging self-regulation through peer review, and generating reports and analyses of media practice as well as providing news about the press itself. The once-a-year publication will be based on the findings of the media monitor, content and case analyses which CMFR will continue to upload regularly on the CMFR website. It will contain the same features as the digital pages, but will also serve as an annual review of the most significant political and social developments of the past year through the special prism of media coverage. CMFR will make Media Times available by December of each year.