What you need to understand about what is goin on

There is a shift that people need to stay aware of in the way we are living our lives. Everyone see things in there own perspectives but some are mislead from the obvious. over the last few years masses of people have been stripped of their lives as they have known and planned and we are slipping into the old behaviors that have been natural of man. Manipulation is our tool of choice and what assured us to be the masters of out world. The opposing thumb and the creative mind is all about manipulating things for our gain. This is our nature only compassion and empathy separate us from being the true monsters and parasite's that we are capable of . 1 of 10 people are heroes who refuse to accept what we do not believe 8-10 believe what they think but stay helplessly trapped and afraid to alter the status quo. leaving 1 of 10 to be either indifferent to the suffering of others or amused and 1 of 10 of these will pull strings to try to manipulate all others. Please Vote , pay attention, and complain to regulators and others for whatever you feel is appropriate.