Created by Top Cow Comics


In the beginning, there was Darkness and then God said, “Let there be Light.” And there was Light and it was good. And the The Darkness resented it. And so, in a time before time, an eternal war between Light and Dark began. Standing in opposition to the chaos represented by a world of Darkness, the totalitarian order and purity represented by the primal force of Light known as the Angelus burns away all life. Just as the Darkness possesses a human host in order to exert its will over the Earth, so does the Angelus assimilate a human body as a vessel with which to concentrate the focus of her power. Unlike the Darkness, however, the Angelus Force may choose or reject a host at her own discretion, generally preferring a female bearer to dominate. But unlike the Darkness which bestows only a portion of its power and consciousness on its bearers to observe and rejoice in the whimsy and appetite of its individual bearers, the Angelus dissolves the entirety of her hosts’ personalities. Nothing may distract the Angelus from her goal to rid the world of the Darkness and its evil influence on humanity. Offended by the ambition of her individual hosts yet attracted to their strong wills, the Angelus is highly discriminating over whom she will possess. After losing a host held for over two thousand years, the Angelus chose to possess the catatonic Lauren Franchetti, who had suffered a complete mental and physical breakdown after her mob boss husband forced her to watch him brutally torture and murder a lover she was having an extramarital affair with. More recently, the Angelus has possessed the bipolar Celestine, who had to rationalize every act of righteousness she indulged in with one of desperate criminality. Much like the Darkness conjures Darklings to serve his bidding, the Angelus creates an army of Angelus Warriors. Unlike the Darklings, however, the Angelus Warriors do not disappear in the absence of their leader. The Angelus often takes a female lover from the ranks of her Warriors, promoting the most favored of her creations to Lieutenant. Over the millennia, however, the mission against the Darkness has blinded the Angelus to the costs of her potential victory. Whereas the Darkness glorifies human decadence, encouraging the darkest fantasies of its host to manifest itself, the Angelus disregards the world of her vessels. But if human imperfection is not permitted to exist, where will the Angelus turn to find a host?