Created by Jason Mintel

Sound of Mind Seducing Medusa

Join me, in the asylum, as together we go on a very odd journey of discovery in my first mental institution experience. Enter a strange world, before I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, as I compete against other game show contestants in a battle to win genetic traits for my family tree. This book offers a better understanding of mental illness and a real view of the realm of thought disorders. God sends canoes to paddle in my head, but the thirst continues. Defender of the dying world I gamble this hopeless battle, knowing the sickness will spread, must stay aboard the spaceship, the world needs a hero, the Gettysburg Address must be read, the voice must have a mouth, the pain must have a head. When asked if I can anchor this book to a more solid reality to help the reader as they plunge into madness my answer is I was lost in chaos, I was abandoned on the sinking ship with only a bag full of kidney beans, a broken antenna, a plunger, sealing wax, cabbages, a wedge of cheese, and a brain, to make a living manikin out of, and keep me company. Perhaps you must be insane to follow this book, but aren’t we all? When filters are gone and thoughts become reality what then is real? Take my hand as we journey to oblivion and beyond. I won't let go. Sound of Mind - adventures in schizophrenia is a book I wrote about my mental illness, and the nature of my thoughts and delusions. It is my experience of being committed in a mental asylum before I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I hope this may help you understand insanity a little better. I would like to show how far I fell, and since then, how successful my treatment has been and how important it is to never give up hope.