Created by Top Cow Comics

Last Mortal

Immortality is the most sought after gift in human history. When does it become a curse? When the only thing you want to do is die. Alec King is a small time criminal and three time loser. When he gets his partner and best friend killed, he tries to commit suicide and finds out the hard way that he can't die. Now he has to find a reason to keep living. Alec King is a three time loser. Once a promising young student, Alec is plagued by bad decisions. He can't seem to turn his life around and at every opportunity he manages to make his situation worse. Now in his late twenties, he's sunken to small time criminal, a thief and con man living on the fringes of society, a recovering drug addict, and in general a parasite on society. His one friend, Brian, is a charming, smooth talking partner, who gets them both into trouble and right back out of it. If Brian wasn't so loyal to Alec, he might think he was to blame for their misfortune. Brian's tendencies land both him and Alec into deep trouble when he accrues a substantial debt to a mafia fixer. The fixer offers them a way out of the lien, all they have to do is eliminate a troublesome, crusading mayoral candidate and all will be forgiven. Alec wants to run, but Brian insists it will be an easy job and playing on Alec's feelings convinces him to go along with the plan. Only it's not easy, and the mayoral candidate has deadly bodyguards. During the attempted assassination Brian is shot and killed and Alec flees to their safe house. Feeling completely lost and alone, Alec turns a gun on himself and hitting rock bottom pulls the trigger. Some time later, Alec wakes up in the safe house. He's alive, but his blood and flesh dry on the floor and walls and the bullet clearly went through his head. Despite, the absurdity of the situation Alec realizes he can't die. Left with no easy way out and no further to fall, Alec decides he will avenge his best friend. As Alec begins his revenge quest, he must contend with a brutally effective bodyguard, a beautiful mystery woman from his past, and a bad man who may doing good things. In the spirit of classic noir revenge tales, the Last Mortal is the story of one man's bloody path to redemption.