Created by Top Cow Comics

Tales of Honor

Based off of the prolific and highly acclaimed fiction of David Weber, Tales of Honor follows the adventures and military career of Commander Honor Harrington, a talented and admirable naval officer in an era of interstellar human expansionism. Produced with Evergreen Studios, the Tales of Honor comic is part of a larger storyworld including games, webisodes, and an upcoming film. In the year 2103, a colony ship left Old Earth with the mission of interstellar colonization, launching the largest diaspora in the history of mankind. In the centuries that followed, thousands of planets were settled, leading to the formation of new Star Nations. Now, 1900 Post Diaspora, two of these Star Nations, Manticore and Haven, are gearing up for war. Sentenced to death in absentia by the People's Republic of Haven for her military accomplishments, and now captured by her sworn enemies, Honor's past exploits are laid out before her accusers, her history on trial as much as she is. A decorated member of the Royal Manticoran Navy, Honor begins her career as an officer by taking control of the HMS Fearless, reigning in a stubborn crew still loyal to her predecessor. Assigned to what was intended to be a throwaway job protecting Basilisk station and the planet Medusa, Honor discovers that something far more sinister than smuggling is afoot under her jurisdiction. With a war between Manticore and Haven looming, Honor's command will face its greatest test yet.