Created by Top Cow Comics

Think Tank

David Loren graduated top of his class at Cal Tech, despite being one of the laziest people known to man.  With an IQ off the charts, the only thing stopping him from becoming the next Leonardo da Vinci or Einstein is that he’d rather be online killing dragons. Motivation issues aside, David is recruited to work for one of the top Think Tank’s in the world. The environment suits him as they handle the more mundane aspects of his life and he spends 24/7 in his office.  He keeps an apartment, but he’s not sure why.  Ask him what he does all day and he couldn’t tell you. He is part of a team of scientists who do pure research.  His more conservative colleagues hate him.  They hate his work ethic, but more importantly they hate that he’s smarter than they are.  David designed the guidance system for the Air Force’s Predator drones in two days after being inspired by a video game.  His one “friend” Damien from the group is there more to keep an eye on him than anything. In an unusual flurry of activity, David discovers that by his modifications to the military’s advanced covert wireless applications he can read the electro-magnetic impulses the brain transmits to itself to process sensory information and thoughts.  His first use of this is to read the surface thoughts of girls in a bar so he can get laid. Being the smart guy that he is, David realizes the world changing ramifications of this technology…none of it for the betterment of mankind.  The group knows he is onto something and Damien presses him.  The truth comes out and all hell breaks loose as the government drops an iron wall around the Think Tank and this discovery. Determined to put the genie back in the bottle, David tries to escape with the secret before it’s too late.