Created by Top Cow Comics


The only time Carin Taylor feels truly free is when she is on the move.  Carin grew up knowing no family except for her abusive father.  Her youth built her insecurities and running became her perfect defense mechanism.  The faster she ran, the safer she felt.  Carin could run at such unnaturally high speeds that she couldn't comprehend her limits or her potential.  When the Cyberdata Corporation caught notice of Carin's abilities, they extended an invitation for her to join them with the promise of helping her hone her abilities.  She accepted, but unfortunately the corrupt Cyberdata wanted to run other experiments too.  They bonded her skin with an experimental Kevlar-alloy to reduce heat from friction, enabling her to physically move at higher speeds. They then administered brain enhancements to compensate for movement at high speeds. Before her memories could be erased, she escaped with the aid of new allies who had revolted and united as Cyberforce, an elite-taskforce devoted to bringing down their former captors.  Finally finding herself among people she considers family, Carin has begun to develop stronger physically and mentally.  As a member of Cyberforce, Carin takes the codename "Velocity." As Velocity has grown closer with her adoptive teammates, she has developed an emotional dependency on Ripclaw and discovered that teammate Cassandra Lane, codename Ballistic, is her biological sister.  Velocity has the family she's been waiting for and finds herself exceeding previous perceived potential. But Cyberdata hasn't forgotten their former soldiers who have gone rogue.  Each member of Cyberforce is infected with a terrible virus running through their system.  Racing for a cure, Velocity's speed and love for her family may be the team's only chance at subduing both.