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Global Awakening News - Transformation and Ascension

DISCLAIMER: WE HAVE NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER WITH ANY RELIGION, CULT, GURU, ETC. – NOT FROM ANY COUNTRY Transformation and Ascension Note: The A-List Updates are largely focused on transformation and ascension and should be consulted for their substantial background and updated content Short Form - "Crystal Body" exercises (advanced) Ascension, Death, and Transfiguration - Aug 2013 Energizing the Power Body - Exercising your lightbody - Sept 2010 The Great Unwinding; Whither A Golden Age? and Awakening and Ascension: A Singular Resolution - Dec 2009 "Making Things" & Ways of the New Creation - Nov 2009 The Crystal Body Exercises - Your energy bodies and ascension - May 2009 Ascension and Transformation, An In-depth Overview - Apr 2009 Choosing Awakening & As Above/So Below, Transformation and Ascension - Jun 2008 The Great Transformation - Oct 2007