2014 State of the Campaign Report

The State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report highlights the latest data on the progress towards reaching more than 175 million of the poorest families with microfinance and ensuring that 100 million of those families rise out of poverty. This report is the largest and most comprehensive annual survey on the outreach of microfinance to the poor and very poor. Collecting Instittuional Action Plans (IAPs) and verifying institutional data ensures that the goal of reaching the poorest families with microfinance is accomplished. Through collecting and verifying microfinance data and subsidizing the cost of publishing our annual report, your donation enables the Campaign and the microcredit sector to measure and track its progress toward achieving the Campaign’s two goals. The State of the Campaign Report is now also being publised in a web-based version where you can find a wealth of multi-media resources that were impossible to share in the prior print versions. For more visit www.stateofthecampaign.org.