LNV vs. Gebhardt: Tennessee

LNV vs. Gebhardt, Case No: 3:12-CV-468-TAV-HBG; Eastern District of Tennessee at Knoxville Judges Thomas A. Varlan and H. Bruce Guyton of the Sixth Federal Circuit have committed judicial misconduct, fraud upon the court by the court and civil rights violations in this case. Judicial complaints have been filed and a public demand for a Congressional investigation into these and other judges in the Sixth Circuit who regularly deny economically disadvantaged, female and minority litigants (especially those who are forced to represent themselves pro-se) their right to due process and equal protection of the law under the fifth and fourteenth amendments of our Constitution. This case originated from a wrongful foreclosure action initiated by LNV Corporation ("LNV") based on a false claim of default made by MGC Mortgage Inc. ("MGC"). Both LNV and MGC are owned by D. Andrew "Andy" Beal and both companies are shams created or purposes of putting homeowners into a false default so Andy Beal can foreclose on their properties. Andy Beal then avoids paying taxes by laundering his ill gotten proceeds overseas through Dovenmuehle Mortgage Inc. ("DMI"). Beal's victims are senior citizens, single moms, the disabled and other hard working American families who invested a significant portion of their earnings into their homes. They never imagined a crook like Andy Beal could falsely claim they defaulted on their mortgage then fabricate false mortgage documents containing forgeries, false signatures and false statements so he could defraud the courts into facilitating his crimes and allowing Beal to wrongfully confiscate their property. Some judges acknowledge the fraud committed by D. Andrew Beal and other financial institutions in a massive amount of the wrongful foreclosure cases plaguing the courts; too many judges are biased and make decisions that are against the preponderance of the evidence like Judges Varlan and Guyton have done in LNV vs. Gebhardt. This is a violation of homeowners’ due process and equal protection rights under our Constitution. Judges like this are a disgrace to their profession and their actions erode public confidence in our judiciary. They need to be purged from our federal and state courts and replaces with honorable men and women who can live up to their sworn oath of office to protect our Constitution. D. Andrew Beal is a renown gambler known to have lost as much as $16 Million in a single high stakes poker game. Andy Beal is a staunch supporter of online gambling which is illegal in the U.S. He has connections with two Russian mob families recently indicted for money laundering and operating illegal gambling establishments in New York City. Gebhardt and other Beal victims have uncovered a Bank of America Fedwire account used by Beal to launder money overseas through DMI, most likely to support illegal gambling. This is what is Beal is doing with the lifetime investment hard working Americans like you and me made into our homes. D. Andrew Beal belongs in prison. Help us put him there. Spread the word about his illegal activities to everyone you know. Please complain about him to your Congressional representatives and Senators; demand the FBI investigate him and his sham companies; demand that the attorneys that work for him and commit fraud for him be prosecuted; demand that your local TV and newspapers investigate him and his sham companies and tell the stories of his victims.