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Marta Lyall | Regarding Uploads of Brian Cuban, (Brother of Mark Cuban).

Documents from response to an ongoing smear campaign against Marta Lyall, by those associated with Carnegie Mellon University. These will be removed when Brian Cuban, brother of Mark Cuban, (owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and alumni of Carnegie Mellon University), removes his uploads or partial content of proceedings from Scribd. His publishing of restrained content is harmful to the Petitioner, Marta Lyall as it undermines the entire effect of the restraining orders. He posted these a few days after the judge issued the Order. He only includes partial documents, which is considered false light defamation. He is aware of this as he is an attorney. Marta Lyall did not know the Cubans at CMU, nor were they part of her 1998 case. Brian Cuban became involved with Noah David Simon in late 2008, just prior to the actions commencing on Valentines Day 2009, which resulted in Simon's conviction in 2011 .