Created by Deb Beacham

Family Court Damages: Beacham v Portnoy-Strawser

In 2006 I made a fatal mistake: I did not know that extraordinary due diligence was necessary before hiring a Family Law attorney. I was told by my spouse "this is just business, and you can't win..." but I had no way to find out what he meant, or to know if I was getting the right help to manage this "business." I trusted these women - and the custody experts they recommended - to protect me and my children, and to advocate the way we needed based on the facts and evidence of our case. I did not have any way then to learn about Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Breach of Contract, Legal Malpractice, Conflicts of Interest, or about all of the ways that court professionals can damage good parents and their children. Read my story, please, and select a family to support as they transition through and out of conflict, or help them recover from similar damages caused to their health, their parenting relationship, the parent-child bond, and to their financial health. My Advocate Center was founded because there are many families all around us who are dealing with these issues, and they DO need your understanding, support, and counsel if you are a professional. Many parents all around us have been denied loyalty and honesty by *certain family law attorneys, and many parents are losing custody when they should not be; and many of those are going on to lose their homes & other assets, possibly their careers, and in some cases their lives. Some are diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the betrayal and trauma caused, but most are not able to get the support and treatment they need to manage. If these parents are struggling to that degree, then can you imagine what is happening to their children? So please use these documents to make these "lessons learned" COUNT.