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Deliberate Attraction

Watching Lilou and Michael Losier work with Michael's unique "deliberate attraction" concept - founded on the basic principals of Law of Attraction motivated me to try it. Lilou and Michael did a series of video session on YT that demonstrated from A2Z how to use this technique to attract what you want by "feeling" it. This feeling is achieved by formulating the Clarity Statement and Attraction Paragraph with phrases like, "I'm in the process of..." and others. Reason, LofA typically denotes saying affirmations like, "I am thin. I am thin." But what if you say those words yet still FEEL fat, feel anything other than thin it won't work. Why? Because attraction is a vibrational frequency that connects with other like frequencies. So, you can SAY anything, but it is what you FEEL that makes it all work. Thus, those intro phrases, like "I am in the process of..." allows one comfort to actually feel what you are saying is true - therefore kicking in the ole frequency element. ~~~--~~~ CLARITY STATEMENT: First, create a list of about 10 statements of what you want. Not what you DON'T want. If you know what you don't want then reword it so it comes out positive. For example, "I don't want ________ to get angry at me any longer." becomes... "__________ is fun to be around." or... "I hear all of ___________ words that vibrate at a matching frequency to connect fully with me and for all others to simply wash on by." or... "I send waves of compassion whenever _____________ speaks words that do not serve me." You could also turn something like this, "I am thin." into something like this, "I am in the process of becoming the vision of health and beauty I desire / seek." ~~~--~~~ ATTRACTION PARAGRAPH: Then take those 10 affirmations and formulate them into a positive paragraph that makes you feel as positive about what you want as you know you are. Repeat it or think about it at least once a day and then let go. NOTE: 3 of the 5 documents here have accompanying audio recording of the Attraction Statement. See SoundCloud playlist here:, or find the direct, corresponding link in the description of each of the 3 documents.