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Outpouring of a lucid mind is the most impossible state to describe, though this does not prevent one to try do so . Otherwise , without words , used as communicative AND metaphorical symbols , how else one can attempt to get the message across ? In the FINAL analysis ,the NATURAL state canNOT be captured AT ALL by any number of flowery words. This REAL ,for want of a better word - state ,is an experiential one attainable spontaneously -a simple natural phenomena that has been trumpeted around for millenniums by systems ,cultures ,religions and other organisations who have unwittingly hijacked this natural evolutionary occurrence with mostly speculated protocols which when followed will NOT yield [reach] the Non - Attainment .Simply put the TASTE of a red Delicious apple or a gourmet Black Forrest cake is the activation of the tongue , its sensory apparatus and the fine sensitivity with which it is cognised by the brain and how that is observed by the receiver of those inputs .Usually it is highly speculated [ and therefore falling in the trap of a false concept , possibly compounded by the pre-conditioned behavioural mind] as an interpretation !Observing is simply that - observing and seeing what is ,as it is .The catch is that this seeing is only possible when ALL concepts of the conditioned mind are rid of.Seeing the mind is burdened with concepts is enough of a start to unlade these concepts , in order to de-condition the mind , in order to see what is ,as it is !