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IJCCR 2015 Special Issue - Complementary Currencies Magazine
Positive Money - The Positive Money Proposal
Positive Money - Sovereign Money Creation - Paving the Way for a Sustainable Recovery
Positive Money - Positive Monetary Reforms in Plain English
Positive Money - Our Money - Towards a New Monetary System by Frans Doorman
Positive Money - Increasing Competition in Payment Services
Positive Money - Flexibility in a Sovereign Money System by Dyson, Hodgson, A. Jackson
Positive Money - Five Lessons From the Design Flaws of Pound Sterling
Positive Money - Enough Credit in a Sovereign Money System, By Frank Van Lerven, Hodgson, Dyson
Positive Money - Draft Bill to Introduce Monetary Reforms in the Parliament
Positive Money - Creating and Switching to a Full Sovereign Monetary System
Positive Money - Banks Cannot and Do Not Lend Out Reserves
Positive Money - Banking, Finance and Income Inequality
Positive Money - Banking vs. Democracy - How Power Has Shifted From Parliament to the Banking Sector
Positive Money - Bank of England - Money in the Modern Economy - Introduction
IMF - The Chicago Plan Revisited
Full Reserve Banking - Charlotte Van Dixhoorn
Creating Money - A Monetary Reform for the Information Age - Huber and Robertson
You Need Never Use a Bank Again. Here's Why - Leander Bindewald PDF
Mutual Aid - Cooperative Evolution - Peter Kropotkin
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