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Canadian science journalist

Tightened muzzle on Canada's federal scientists
Harper's Bureaucracy Demands "No Surprises"
2012 Arctic briefing put on ice
EC Comment on Closing of Libraries
Margaret Munro
Leef on Polar Bears
2009 Rebuttal Amstrup Et Al_ArmstrongRebuttal_2009
Armstrong Soon Public Policy Forecasting Audit
Mark Melanson Comment for Story on LAC Training Powerpoint
LAC Comment on Code of Conduct
Margaret Munro
LAC - Code of Conduct - Values and Ethics
2012 03 04 Democracy Watch OIPLtr Feb20.13 With Attachment
The Muzzling of Kristi MIller - ATI Miller Released to MM July 2011
DFO Publication Process Flow Chart
DFO - Publication Rules
DFO UDel2003Agreement 1
Margaret Munro
DFO Appendix C
Margaret Munro
Munro Muzzled 121201
EC media protocol - Leaked to MM 2008
Environment Canada response to questions about ATIP documents
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