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An artist and poet, Meena has held several exhibitions nationally and internationally. She repres... see more see less

Meena Chopra
Culture Days 2014
मै तुम्हारे संयम को
One World, One English, The Many Languages of the Imagination
Art and its incredible effects on mind - An insight
StarBuzz -8th March, 2013
StarBuzz-15th February 2013
StarBuzz-1st February, 2013(e-copy)
StarBuzz-18th January, 2013
India Mission 2013 - ICCR
Weekly Economic Bulettin from Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
StarBuzz-4th January 2013(e-copy)
StarBuzz-21Ist December 2012(e-copy)
StarBuzz-21Ist December 2012(e-copy)
Starbuzz-7th December 2012(e-copy)
StarBuzz-30th November 2012(e-copy)
StarBuzz-23rd November 2012(e-copy)
StarBuzz-16th November 2012(e-copy)
StarBuzz-9th November, 2012 (e-copy)
StarBuzz-19th October 2012(e-copy)
StarBuzz-5th October(e-copy)
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