How It Feels to Be Forcibly Fed
Side-by-side comparison of Senate Foreign Relations Committee draft and approved resolution to authorize the use of military force against Syria (AUMF)
Nelson GA Ordinance - Gun Ownership
Nelson GA Ordinance - Gun Ownership
Nelson GA Ordinance - Gun Ownership
Senate-Passed Fiscal Cliff Bill - HR 8-01-01-2013
U.S. Post Secondary Education - Number of Degrees Conferred to Females 1999 to 2010 -- DOE-NCES
Chief Justice John Roberts June 2012 Diary Entries Prior to the Affordable Health Care Act Ruling.pdf
Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts' Diary Entries Regarding a May 12, 2012 Pizza Delivery and its surprising influence on his decision in the June 2012 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Ruling, NFIB v. Sebelius
Jerry Sandusky Verdict Sheet, 06-22-2012
Tiger Woods 2012 US Open Stats
Dick Cheney's July 2012 Mitt Romney Fundraiser Events Schedule
Roll Call Vote - House- VAWA reauthorization - 05-16-2012
Protection of Conscience Chaplains - Amendment to be offered in committee to HR 4310, the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act on May 9, 2012
Why I Am NOT Leaving Goldman Sachs
Jacques Roy, M.D., et al, Medicare/Medicaid raud Indictment - 02-28-2012
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