Mohan Harihar

Federal RICO Violations & MA Legislation Concerns Exposed in Federal Foreclosure Case
Which Presidential Candidate will be the First to Embrace Harihar's FCS Model?
$42B Lawsuit filed against Wells Fargo, US Bank & the Commonwealth of MA
Case file now "Missing" in Harihar Foreclosure case
Coakley Announcement Reaffirms Foreclosed Homeowner’s Consistent Claims in 3-year Court Battle
Foreclosed Homeowner delivers request to MA Inspector General - includes Collusion Investigation of AG Martha Coakley
Search begins for A-List Legal Team as prep for multi-billion dollar Lawsuit gets underway
MA Foreclosed Homeowner Files Motion to Overturn Unlawful Foreclosure Eviction.
MA Foreclosed Homeowner files Motion w/ Appeals Court to Address Charges of Perjury
Increasing Concerns Surrounding MA Foreclosure Case Now Brought to Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.
Updated Criminal Complaints related to Troubling MA Foreclosure Case Sent to Attorney General Martha Coakley.
Fraud Expert identifies fraudulent mortgage assignments tied to troubling MA Foreclosure case.
Troubling Massachusetts Foreclosure Case Continues to Raise Questions Regarding Integrity of the System
MA Inspector General asked to Review & Monitor 3 ½ Yr Wrongful Foreclosure Case
"After the Bubble Bursts" - Reveals Concerns of Collusion & Certain Conflict in MA Foreclosure Case.
Decision allowing pro se MA foreclosed homeowner to file for new trial - Stands.
Foreclosed Homeowner calls for VALIDATION & keeps multiple parties informed, including the EOP.
Media Alert - 6-26-14
Foreclosed Homeowner Files Ethics Complaint with NE Association of Realtors
Media Alert - 5-19-14
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