I Am Ready To Die A Violent Death

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I Am Ready To Die A Violent Death~Heiko Julién
You know how dogs arent really smiling, theyre just panting? and they dont really kissyou, they just lick your face because they like salt? a lot of things are like that. i am likethatpeople like dogs because they usually look happy. you can do this too. dogs arentalways happy and neither are youthere are a lot of things i really really want so i am smiling. i am smiling like i dont wantto die alonewe are smiling at each other like we dont want to die alone. this is probably the rightthing to do
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my zen so fresh dont never catch me not being real no noour ideal western courtship begins:see me inventing new yoga moves in the mcdonalds playplace. ask me out to dinner ata different mcdoandlssave the date for our Fast Food Weddingpreacher wears the drive thru headsetring bearer rolls up to the second window and delivers the ringbride and grooms families in the main dining areakids in the ball pit
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i want straight up bliss. want you to pour warm water down the back of my shirt while imat work and ill pretend to get mad and then we go homepush me off a cliff, and heres the twist: the inside of the canyon is full of the stuff dreamsare made of. talking every nirvana cd down herehuman beings will be back in the forests sooner than we think, ripping bark off of treesand crushing skulls on rocks. its a comforting thought. stick with me and ill show youeverything i know about how to make cool jpgs on the computer and also true love. i willtake care of you even though i dont believe in that sort of thingthe native americans used to use every part of the buffaloincluding the pink slime just wander out into a cornfield and eat some cornthis is americathis is gods country