#Groundswell Meeting 5/8/2013 Transcript of First 20 minutes

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Groundswell meeting 5/8/2013[Boykin opens with prayer]Thank you very much.[crosstalk from phone call]Speak into the microphone so that people on the phone can hear. For those who don't knowme, I'm Catherine Engelbrecht, I'm the founder of True the Vote. Those here this morningare those who chose to be a part of [unintelligible]. On the phone with us...well[unintelligible] everyone introduce yourselves...Ok, so we'll start with you.[unintelligible][unintelligible]Allen West.Frank Gaffney with Center for Security PolicyJerry Boykin, Family Research CouncilSebastian Gorka, Professor of [ ] Warfare and my wife will be here momentarily for theWestminster Institute.--- Republican Study CommitteeChristian AdamsJohn Fonte Hudson InstituteTom Fitton, Judicial WatchAnita Moncrief, True the VoteEd [unintelligible] Hoover?, Tea Party PatriotsShonda Werry [unintelligible]Engelbrecht: And we have with us on the phone John Bolton, Dean Clancy, Sue Myrick -- oh,I'm so sorry. I'm taking roll. So if you are on the call and I say your name please let usknow.John Bolton?Dean Clancy?Clancy: Yep, I'm here.Engelbrecht: Excellent. Sue Myrick? Michael James Barton?Barton: Yes ma'am I'm here.Engelbrecht: OK. Sandy Rios?Rios: I'm hereEngelbrecht: Ken Blackwell?Blackwell: I'm here and that was [unintelligible]...Queer.[laughter]
Boykin: Hey, is you, BBM? [laughter] That's the big black man.[laughter]Engelbrecht: Um, Steve Bannon?Bannon: PresentEngelbrecht: Dan Mongino? Richard Manning?Manning: HereEngelbrecht: Ginni Thomas?Thomas: PresentEngelbrecht: Myron EbellMyron: YeahEngelbrecht: Michael Flynn?Flynn: YupEngelbrecht: Diana Banister?Engelbrecht: and Brian Baker.Engelbrecht: Ok, well I think we know who the players are this morning. OK, so our firsttwo speakers are not with us at this point so we are going to zip straight down to askGeneral Boykin to speak with us about Benghazi.Boykin: Um, Frank and I had -- I'm sorry -- Frank and I actually had meetings last nightwith Speaker Boehner and Representative Issa also. We've been pushing with the support ofCongressman Wolf as well as Congressman Gohmert for a special committee. And I think it'sokay to share with you, wouldn't you say so Frank, that the Speaker was, I thought he wasvery coherent last night when we talked about this. And that he believes that the processneeds to play out before we get a special committee. His concern is that the media willportray this as just simply an attempt to bring down the Obama administration, until theircurrent committee system plays itself out.I met with Issa. I thought Issa was very coherent in terms of what he expects. He does notexpect today's committee hearings to be the end of it. He actually thinks that this willstimulate additional hearings. But the people he's bringing in today and he only has threepeople coming in and it's these three whistleblowers.But there will be some critical things that will come out today as he talks to them. Theywill reveal some things and part of it, part of what we've been focused on, and I knowAllen has been very concerned as I have been as to why there was no military response. Noone's ever given a satisfactory answer. And as I said to the speaker last night, there'san American value, an American ethos that was violated and it is very important not onlyto the families but it is very important to every soldier, sailor and Marine or diplomatthat's put in harm's way in the future. I think the Speaker understands that and I
certainly know that Representative Issa does.So I think we'll see some things that will come out today that will begin to whittle awayat our big question of why no military response. There will be some answers today. I thinksome of it is gonna be -- We've got an ugly baby here and it's going to get uglier today.I guess that's what I will say.We are not backing away from our call for a special committee with subpoena power,bipartisan, to try and get to the bottom of this whole Benghazi situation. In the end, Ithink what we're going to find is there was malfeasance, there was ineptitude, and therewas a huge deception that went on before, during and after this whole thing. And I thinkthat what we'll find today is that Hillary Clinton made some egregious decisions and thepresident was basically absent from his post and did not make the decisions that as theCommander in Chief he should have been making and because he was focused on some otherthings so--.Again, the key takeaway here is we're not backing away from a special committee, we'restill pushing for that. But we kind of have a pledge from both, I think Issa and theSpeaker, that they want the system to play out a little more before they start to call forthat. The Speaker did say he's not opposed to it but he wants to let the committeestructure as it stands right now continue until it would potentially merit bringing aspecial committee.Frank, anything you want to say on that?Gaffney: I think that's basically right. One of the things that I took away from it was asense that they appreciated the things that will be coming off this coverup. And that theplaying-out may not be that much longer depending on what happens today.I was heartened when we talked to [unintelligible] and he said that they had taken alesson from past hearings and most especially coming into Senator Inhofe's performance asthe ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee during Chuck Hagel's nomination,which was to get their act together. You know, to be disciplined, to be focused, not towaste the time making speeches but to really do the interrogatories. He assured me thatthat's what they're going to do.So, if they do, then I think one of two things probably happens as a result. An unleashingof the Oversight Committee to do this as an existing standing committee with, you know,subpoena powers and the responsibility for [unintelligible] select committee[unintelligible].So I'm somewhat encouraged that they're taking this thing very much to heart and we reallyimpressed upon him that there's a lot of restiveness on the part of folks like us and someof their donors as a matter of fact, about what's happening here.Boykin: If we've got a minute left in our time I'd like to ask Allen [West] to talk justbriefly about a press conference tomorrow that I really would like for everybody to befocused on tomorrow because I don't think the news is going to cover this.West: Back in August of 2011 there was an incident where a helicopter carrying[unintelligible] was shot down in Afghanistan. Former constituents of mine[unintelligible]. They're going to have a press conference tomorrow at the National PressClub to [comply?]. And several xxxx and also family members of the National Guard who wasthe pilot.