Alvin Goldman - Readings in Philosophy and Cognitive Science
Lowe, E.J. - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
J.mishlove - The Roots of Consciousness
A Quantum Argument for Panpsychism - Shan Gao
A Quantum Argument for Panpsychism - Shan Gao
How Much Contextuality - Karl Svozil
Quantum Teleportation Using Active Feed- - Several
Experimental Quantum Teleportation Over - Several
The Flow of Time - Huw Price
On the Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics - Valia Allori
The Message of the Quantum - Daumer - Durr - Goldstein - Maudlin - Tu
Quantum Information and Randomness - Johannes Kofler
The Computable Universe Hypothesis - Mattew P Szudzik
Foreword to a Computable Universe - Roger Penrose
Introducing the Computable Universe - Hector Zenil
Consciousness and the Quantum
Consciousness Viewed in the Framework of Brain Phase SpaceDynamics, Criticality, And the Renormalization Group
Toward a Science of Consciousness
Origin of Probabilities and their Application to the Multiverse
Neutrino and Extra World
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