Norman Imperial

Ringmakers of Saturn by Norman R. Bergrun
Different Phases (Stages) of Preparation for First Contact (Total Cultural Involvement)
Egyptian PYRAMIDS 101 - From the Construction Methodology Up to Their Purposes
Different Levels of Telepathy and How It Works
Episode 1 - Sormel & the Teachers From Hamp Radiar (Uranus) (the Lost Arc)
Anti-Gravity, UFO Saucer Propulsion by Wesley Bateman
The Underground Base under Dulce, NM & origins of HIV by Wesley Bateman
The Frequency Barrier - The in-Depth Galactic Science
Solaria (Solar System) Chronicles
Communicating With Mars - The Experiments of Tesla
Nikola Tesla, Master of Imagination
Sormel, The Face on Mars and the Chief of the Ancient Teacher Race From Uranus
Manipulated Light (Warp Drive) - Principles of Mothership Interstellar Propulsion Systems by Wesley Bateman
DNA Can Discern Between Two Quantum States, Spin
Norman Imperial
Key to Et Messages NSA
The DNA-wave Biocomputer
History of Atlantis - from Archangel Metatron Global Crystal Activation (Sept 16 2010)
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