Olgu Kundakçı

Walter Benjamin- A Short History of Photography
The Image Factory Consumer Culture Photography and the Visual Content Industry-Paul Frosh
The Public Eye and the Citizen Voyeur-Photography as a Performance of Power-Paul Frosh
Art, Common Sense and Photography- Victor Burgin
François Debrix- Post-Mortem Photography- Gilles Peress and the Taxonomy of Death
Making Sense of Documentary Photography-James Curtis
Gilles Deleuze-Image and Text
Body and Image-Space Re-Reading Walter Benjamin-Sigrid Weigel
W.G. Sebald- Image Archive Modernity
The Future of the Image - Jacques Ranciere
The Archaeology of Photography-Rereading Michel Foucault and the Archaeology of Knowledge-David Bate
Revolution at a Standstill-Photography and the Paris Commune of 1871- Jeannene M. Przyblyski
Evidence, Truth and Order- A Means of Surveillance- John Tagg
Victor Burgin-Thinking Photography
Reading an Archive- Allan Sekula
Philosophy of Photography
Olgu Kundakçı
History of Photography
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