Blagojevich Appeal Opinion July 21, 2015
Aurora Police Department Report - Rebecca Sherrick, Aurora University President
Penny Pritzker US Sec of Commerce Financial Disclosure
Benghazi Emails White House FBI CIA
White House Statement on CISPA - April 16, 2013
Jonathan Grayson vs. Aurora Police Department Lawsuit
Dunham Fund 2011 IRS 990
United States. v. Jesse L. Jackson Jr.
Aurora Housing Authority (AHA) May Be Forced to Return $350,000 in Stimulus Funds to Feds
Letter to White House from Congress on Fiscal Cliff
Jesse Jackson Jr Resignation Letter
President Barack Obama White House Financial Disclosure 2011
Aurora Housing Authority - Illinois (AHA) - 2013 Draft Annual Plan
US Supreme Court Healthcare Decision
United States vs Raghuveer Nayak
Personal Pac vs. Illinois State Board of Elections
City of Aurora Illinois Ward Map
Citizen Packet - Reject SOPA and PIPA
SOPA PIPA 2 Pager from CDT
SOPA PIPA One Pager from EFF
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