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Socrates said if you find “a good wife you’ll be happy; if not, you’ll become a philosopher.” Bei... see more see less

Papa Giorgio
Be Like Santa
Occultism and Nazis
Creation & Evolution Defined
Was Hitler a Christian
Papa Giorgio
Latino Literature
Papa Giorgio
Sane/Mad Libs
Gods Grand Design in You
Puritan Theology - Blood of Christ
Treaty of Tripoli - A Christian Nation
Apologetics - Trinity Defined
Papa Giorgio
Apologetics 101
Apologetics - Negative and Positive
Jesus Versus Muhammad
Apologetics - Tattoos
A Growing List of Resources for the Apologist To Know His History
A Letter I Wrote A Co-Worker
Papa Giorgio
New Age - Big
Tips On How To Study - Well - Your Bible
MultiKulturalism Deconstructed
Acid Rain - Paper for Teacher
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