Pedro Cabral

Mystical Mathematics of Ancient Planets
Robert Anton Wilson - Principia Discordia
Rural Renaissance Renewing the Quest for the Good Life
Pedro Cabral
Phil Hine - Bitter Venoms - The Magical Worlds of William Burroughs
R. Gordon Wasson - Persephone's Quest - Entheogens and the Origins of Religion
E.G. Squier - The Serpent Symbol
Pedro Cabral
Gods of Mexico
Mythologies of Ancient Mexico and Peru
Indian Myth and Legend
Richard Evans Schultes - Hallucinogenic Plants
J. H. Philpot - The Sacred Tree or the Tree in Religion and Myth
William R. Cooper - The Serpent Myths of Ancient Egypt
Pedro Cabral
D.H.S. Nicholson - The Mysticism of St. Francis of Assisi
Hyde Clarke & C. Staniland Wake - Serpent and Siva Worship
Hargrave Jennings - Ophiolatreia or Serpent Worship
Katharine Beals - Flower Lore and Legend
J. Allan Hobson - The Dream Drugstore
Hargrave Jennings - Nature Worship
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