Peter Schorsch

Spreadsheet Rick Scott is showing Florida Senators
Florida House budget proposal
Committee and Subcommittee Assignments for 2015 Session
Senate Committee Assignments
Senate Committee Assignments
Committee and Appropriations Subcommittee Chairs
Filed 11-25-2014 Unsealed Document B
The Redistricting Documents The Florida GOP Fought To Keep Secret
Florida Senate Committee Structure and Assignments
Judge Hinkle's order declaring gay marriage ban unconstitutional
Proclamation and Memo on Special Session
Special Session Proclamation
Peter Schorsch
2014 Budget Turkeys
Series of emails between CSX and PSTA.
April poll of support for Greenlight Pinellas
Letter from PBCI to Gov. Scott.
Poll of Florida's 19th Congressional District
Joint Memo From General Counsels Re Residency Standards
Peter Schorsch
Flash poll of CD 19
Lawsuit filed by Jason Roe against Paige Kreegel
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