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Pioneering Today with Melissa K. Norris

Pioneering Today with Melissa K. Norris

Pioneering Today with Melissa K. Norris

310 podcast episodes


Pioneering Today is all about getting back to basics, simple living, and self-sufficiency with old-fashioned skills and wisdom in a modern world. With heirloom gardening, canning, preserving the harvest, from scratch cooking, raising your own food, including livestock (backyard chickens, pigs, and cattle), natural medicine, herbs, DIY like soap making along with living a simple self-sufficient life, no matter where you live. Hosted by 5th generation homesteader, Melissa K. Norris, author of The Made-from-Scratch Life. This podcast brings you the conversation from MelissaKNorris.com and The Pioneering Today Academy, with Q&A's, teaching, tutorials, and always giving you practical ways and tips to live the simple and self-sufficient life.

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Great Depression Era Living & Lost Off-Grid Preservation Technique for Green Beans

This week’s podcast is very special to me as it includes my dad and me taking a trip do...

31 minutes
Jul 16, 2021

The Advantage to Using Grow Bags In Your Garden with Kevin Espiritu from Epic Gardening

There are many ways to grow food in the garden, but if you're short on space, using gro...

41 minutes
Jul 02, 2021

7 Ways to Preserve Eggs at Home w/ Lisa Steele

Many people recommend artificial lighting to keep up egg production during the winter m...

54 minutes
Jun 25, 2021

Creating a Homestead Business That Makes Money

If you’re an entrepreneur or a homesteader looking to make an income from your time, sk...

57 minutes
Jun 18, 2021

Maximizing Your Homestead for Profit & Production with Joel Salatin

Sit down with Joel Salatin and me as we discuss methods for increasing the profits from...

61 minutes
Jun 11, 2021

The Science of Food Preservation

There are several different methods for food preservation, and in this episode of the P...

26 minutes
Jun 04, 2021

Homesteading Myths Busted

When we’re dreaming of an ideal homestead, it’s true that many of us picture acreage wi...

32 minutes
May 28, 2021

How to Grow Food YEAR ROUND Using Covers (Both Hot & Cold Weather) with Nikki Jabour

We’re talking about how to grow food year-round using covers. Most often, people think ...

47 minutes
May 21, 2021

Foolproof Methods When Garden Overwhelm Sets In (Jessica Sowards of Roots & Refuge)

In today's episode, I'm talking with Jessica Soward from Roots & Refuge Farm and we're ...

44 minutes
May 14, 2021

Buying Homestead Property - What You Must Know

If you’re considering buying land and starting a homestead, or even moving an existing ...

40 minutes
May 07, 2021