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Cooking Issues

Cooking Issues

Cooking Issues

374 podcast episodes


Dave Arnold, chef and inventor, answers listener questions on the latest innovative techniques, equipment, and ingredients in the food world. Each week on Cooking Issues, Dave solves your cooking dilemmas with his mile-a-minute stream of knowledge. Got a question on ike-jime, the Japanese fish killing technique? We got you covered. Hydrocolloids, sous-vide, liquid nitrogen? No problem. Have a question about pimping your oven to make great pizza? Give us a call. Occasionally Dave will invite special guest chefs, bartenders, authors and columnists to join the show.

Episodes1 - 10 of 374 episodes


Episode 374: Whine Quay w/ special guests Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske of Contra, Wildair

Today Dave and Nastassia are joined by Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske of Contra, ...

73 minutes
Jul 09, 2019

Episode 373: There's Still DNA in that Glove

Dave and Nastassia are joined by extra-special-guest Jack Schramm to talk about essent...

62 minutes
Jul 02, 2019

Episode 372: Moon Rocks Are Forever

Today on Cooking Issues Dave and Nastassia help a listener win a Beer Mile. Also, we ta...

51 minutes
Jun 18, 2019

Episode 371: A Classic in the Moorland (w/ Nick Strangeway of Hepple Gin)

Today Dave and Nastassia are joined by Nick Strangeway of Hepple Gin. Nick is here for ...

64 minutes
Jun 11, 2019

Episode 370: Clean Up, Aisle Live... on air (w/ Paul Adams)

On today's episode Dave and Nastassia are joined in the studio by HRN's Kat Johnson and...

52 minutes
Jun 04, 2019

Episode 369: Live(-ish) from the City of Angels

On this very special episode of Cooking Issues Dave, Nastassia, Jack, & Rebecca "The Bo...

44 minutes
May 31, 2019

Episode 368: Walk Like a Leatherman

Today on Cooking Issues, Dave and Nastassia weigh in on Burning Man, Ranch Dressing, an...

62 minutes
May 21, 2019

Episode 367: Long Fat Snotty Shaped Strands

This episode of Cooking Issues is back to the basics: Dave. Nastassia. Listener Questio...

44 minutes
May 14, 2019

Episode 366: One Night in Bangkok

On this episode Dave & Nastassia answer a Cavalcade of callers. They discuss how to mak...

47 minutes
Apr 30, 2019

Episode 365: Jackie Molecules' Jingles Jukebox w/ Lou Bank and Jay Schroeder

On today's episode Dave and Nastassia are again joined by Jack "The Nail" Schramm. Toge...

64 minutes
Apr 23, 2019