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Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

271 podcast episodes


Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Listen to real-life stories of faith as told by those who have experienced the power of living in His presence.

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Episodes1 - 10 of 271 episodes


God Is The Healer Of All Wounds: Michael Franzese & Michele Wilbur-Christiansen

When we face life experiences that hurt us, that drastically alter the way things go, i...

22 minutes
Jul 22, 2021

Jesus Listens to Our Doubts: Jamie Kern Lima & Cole Arthur Riley

Every Christian faces a time in their relationship with Jesus that is frustrating, that...

30 minutes
Jul 15, 2021

When God Changes Our Direction: Paula Faris & Jason Brown

Many of us have had a moment in our lives that define us as people and as servants of G...

32 minutes
Jul 08, 2021

Braving Our Way to a Better Life: Chad Robichaux and Tim Atwood

At this time of year, as we celebrate the brave men and women who fought for the freedo...

26 minutes
Jul 01, 2021

Everyone Is Worthy of God’s Love: Cece Jones-Davis & Danielle Coke

The idea of loving others doesn’t seem too difficult when we put it in the context of t...

27 minutes
Jun 24, 2021

God Knows Our Whole Story And Still Loves Us: Rosie Rivera and Jason Sautel

Maybe you’ve heard someone say “Well, if you really knew me, you might not like me…” or...

35 minutes
Jun 17, 2021

You Can’t Move Forward If You Keep Looking Back: Christine Caine & I Am They

It’s often been said that we shouldn’t live in the past, but sometimes, inevitably, our...

38 minutes
Jun 10, 2021

Rooting Our Identity in Christ: Brandi Rhodes & Dr. Sasha Shillcutt

The concept of identity is a lofty one to wrap our minds around, and we are often encou...

27 minutes
Jun 03, 2021

A Love You Can Trust At All Times: Gary LeVox and Dr. Don Wilton

When we’re having a bad week and it seems like everything is going wrong, it’s nice to ...

28 minutes
May 27, 2021

Signs & Wonders Are All Around Us: Harry Connick, Jr. and SQuire Rushnell, & Louise DuArt

Have you ever asked God to send you a sign? Just a little signal that you’re going in t...

26 minutes
May 20, 2021