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The Baking Podcast

The Baking Podcast

The Baking Podcast

64 podcast episodes


There were no baking podcasts until master baker Taunya "the baker girl" teamed up with her sister Melody "the business girl" to create one. Join them as they discuss all things baking. Join them on their journey as they work to transition their cottage bakery to an actual store front.

Follow their bakery on Facebook page Covet Artisan bakery and on instagram covet_artisan_bakery: The Baking podcast has a facebook and instagram account too.

You can email the sisters at thebakingpodcast@gmail.com. They welcome comments and ideas for upcoming shows!

Episodes1 - 10 of 64 episodes


EP 64! The English Muffin

We are back--and apologies for the editing--we are learning as we go! The sisters give ...

34 minutes
Mar 10, 2021

Ep 63: Lots of Lemon Poundcake

Another warts and all episode. If you want the secret recipe, email thebakingpodcast@gm...

29 minutes
Apr 09, 2020

Ep 62'ish: Don't Even Stress About It Bread

We are back to baking! But in times like these, it's nice to have a go-to recipe that i...

30 minutes
Mar 27, 2020

Episode 60'ish -- Let's Get Thru This TOGETHER!

Let's get thru this together! We are back and we will be here until things get back to ...

9 minutes
Mar 23, 2020

Ep 59: On Vacation part 2: The Danish

The sisters continue their vacation recordings "Warts and All" this time covering the D...

30 minutes
Aug 20, 2019

Ep 58: We are on Vacation! The Summer Cobbler

This week the sisters are on vacation in the Tahoe National Forest. In the midst of all...

33 minutes
Aug 08, 2019

The Baking Podcast: Ep 57--The Pavlova

If you haven't made a pavlova you are missing out. Seriously! Stop what you're doing, p...

35 minutes
May 29, 2019

The Baking Podcast EP 56: What'd I Miss? Colonial Baking

This week the Sisters cover Colonial Baking with two recipes popular with our founding ...

38 minutes
Apr 30, 2019

The Baking Podcast EP 55: Last Minute Baking!

Are you as frantic as the sisters; still want to get in some last minute baking/candy m...

25 minutes
Dec 24, 2018

The Baking Podcast Ep 54: Holiday Candy Part 1

Who doesn't love homemade holiday candies? The sisters ADORE them. Join us to discover ...

33 minutes
Dec 13, 2018