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The National Archives Podcast Series

The National Archives Podcast Series

The National Archives Podcast Series

1,047 podcast episodes


Listen to talks, discussions, lectures and other events presented by The National Archives of the United Kingdom.

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Annual Digital Lecture 2020: The death of anonymity in the age of identity

The global datafication of economy, society and politics has rendered humans into const...

28 minutes
Feb 02, 2021

Cholera! Public health in mid-19th century Britain

The 1848-1849 cholera epidemic in England and Wales was described by a government repor...

40 minutes
Feb 02, 2021

The rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell

Diarmaid MacCulloch, Emeritus Professor of the History of the Church at the University ...

43 minutes
Dec 18, 2020

Who dares wins: Britain 1979-1982

In this talk to mark the latest volume of his epic history of post-war Britain, televis...

54 minutes
Dec 16, 2020

Rebecca Gowers and The Scoundrel Harry Larkyns

Rebecca Gowers uncovered a fascinating story within her family tree – that of Harry Lar...

54 minutes
Nov 25, 2020

Trevor Barnes and Dead Doubles

Trevor Barnes is the author of a new study of one of the Cold War’s most notorious spy ...

53 minutes
Oct 30, 2020

Nancy Astor: First steps towards a better balanced world

Opening up the electorate in 1918 to some women voters naturally triggered a conversati...

40 minutes
Oct 13, 2020

Dermot Turing and The Codebreakers of Bletchley Park

In this ‘Meet the Author’ event (recorded over Zoom), Dermot Turing discusses his lates...

41 minutes
Sep 30, 2020

Hidden Love: LGBTQ+ lives in the archives

The National Archives’ collections offer a valuable insight into how the government int...

39 minutes
Aug 19, 2020

Gerald Aylmer seminar 2020: Co-production and collaboration in the archive: Practices – what makes for effective co-production?

What are the opportunities, and challenges, of working collaboratively with archivists,...

38 minutes
Aug 12, 2020