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Bad at Sports

Bad at Sports

Bad at Sports

774 podcast episodes


Bad At Sports is a weekly podcast about contemporary art. Founded in 2005, badatsports.com focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, various other arts professionals through an online audio format.

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Bad at Sports Episode 771: Foundation with Kayvon Tehranian and Lindsay Howard

This week Bad at Sports attempts to get to the bottom of whether foundation.app is a ma...

58 minutes
Jul 21, 2021

Bad at Sports 770: Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes Terrain 2021, Sabina Ott, and NFT making and collecting

In what feels like a throwback episode Ryan and Duncan record IRL with Holly Holmes an...

59 minutes
Jun 22, 2021

Bad at Sports Episode 769: Buddy, Co-Pro Catskills, and what is happening at the Public Media Institute

This week on the B@S, Stella Brown and Nick Wylie join Jesse and Brian to talk about B...

50 minutes
Jun 15, 2021

Bad at Sports Episode 768: Christina Quarles

On today’s episode Dana and Ryan join painter Christina Quarles [in person!] to discus...

53 minutes
Jun 02, 2021

Bad at Sports Episode 767: Ben Davis on NFTs

This week we can catch up with the preeminent American Art Critic, Ben Davis from Art ...

55 minutes
May 26, 2021

Bad at Sports Episode 766: Carrie Secrist

This week we returned with Carrie Secrist and the Carrie Secrist Gallery (CSG.) A long...

57 minutes
May 10, 2021

Bad at Sports Episode 765: Stephanie Burke

On this harrowing episode of Bad at SportsCenter, we talk with photographer Stephanie ...

60 minutes
Apr 13, 2021

Bad at Sports Episode 764: Haig Aivazian

Image c/o the Renaissance Society of Haig Aivazian's "All of the Lights"   In a wide r...

61 minutes
Mar 31, 2021

Bad at Sports Episode 763: Paul Mpagi Sepuya

This week Ryan and Brian enter the dark room with Paul Mpagi Sepuya. The conversation ...

56 minutes
Mar 14, 2021

Bad at Sports Episode 762: Naomi Beckwith

On today’s episode of Bad at Sports Center, Dana and Duncan have the distinct pleasure...

56 minutes
Mar 03, 2021