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Preparing Your Teen for The Real World: Preparing Your Teen for The Real World

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There are a number of programs that can help prepare you teen for the real world with a focus on the practical issues of growing up. Junior Achievement is one of those programs and our guests today explain the benefit of getting your teen involved.

Tara Michener, Vice President of Development & Community Relations, joined Junior Achievement in 1997 as an Education Manager for Elementary School Programs for JA of Central Pennsylvania. Patrick Larkin is the newly appointed Assistant Superintendent for Learning for Burlington Public Schools in Massachusetts and recently selected as one of three national Digital Principal Award winner by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP). Dr. Jann Gumbiner is a licensed psychologist specializing in child and adolescent psychology. Beginning her career as a Head Start preschool teacher and bilingual educator for Santa Ana Unified School District, she ultimately moved to higher education and author of Adolescent Assessment, and writes a blog for Psychology Today titled The Teenage Mind.

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